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Using the latest advances and our own innovation in social technologies, Justice International promotes the integration of all those related to the practice of human rights: potential victims, human rights activists, community liders, journalists, citizens, practitioners and researchers. Through educational campaigns and others, we aim to promote the individual owns advocacy for her rights. We ambition a community where each individual is empowered to protect each and everyone’s human rights in order to fulfill the just aspiration of a global justice for all.

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Our Vision

Our vision is the use of participatory technologies to strengthen the fight for human rights in the world. We work under a vision that aims to develop local action for global justice.

Justice International on the verge of the violation of human rights during the protests before the elections declared that "Countless human rights abuses have occurred in Venezuela in the days following the April 14 presidential election, where a closed result and an effort to achieve an audit formal and adjusted to the electoral regulations of that country took thousands of people to the street.There are abundant records of abuses committed by uniformed authorities who sought to repress the protesters with excessive force and even with violent and bloodshed clearly deplorable and in frank and despotic action that at no time obey the international principles that on the matter govern the otherwise democratic principle of the right to free protest.

These facts constitute a clear disrespect for human rights and Justice International presents this project proposal that seeks to unite wills and gather resources to assist NGOs and women and men human rights activists in Venezuela duly accredited as representatives of victims of such rights. abuses to facilitate the activities carried out internationally in this area.

We would greatly appreciate your comments, collaborations for this preliminary project that will define specific cases of complaints that will require your support. Any donation that can be provided to develop international actions on the subject will be very useful in this effort. Thank you!"


Represión durante protestas ante elecciones 2013 en Venezuela

Justicia Internacional frente la violación de derechos humanos durante las protestas ante las elecciones declaró que  "Innumerables abusos a los derechos humanos han ocurrido en Venezuela en los días posteriores a la elección presidencial de Abril 14, donde un resultado cerrado y un esfuerzo para lograr una auditoría formal y ajustada a la normativa electoral de ese país llevó a miles de personas a la calle. Hay abundantes registros de los abusos cometidos por autoridades uniformadas quienes buscaron reprimir a los protestantes con excesiva fuerza y hasta con hechos violentos y de sangre claramente deplorables y en franca y déspota acción que en ningún momento obedecen a los principios internacionales que sobre la materia rigen el por demás democrático principio del derecho a la libre protesta.

Estos hechos constituyen un claro irrespeto a los derechos humanos y Justice International presenta esta propuesta de proyecto que busca unir voluntades y recabar recursos para asistir a las ONGs y a las mujeres y hombres activistas en derechos humanos en Venezuela debidamente acreditados como representantes de las víctimas de tales abusos para facilitarles las actividades que a nivel internacional realicen en la materia.

Mucho agradeceríamos sus comentarios, colaboraciones para este proyecto preliminar que irá definiendo casos específicos de denuncias que requerirán de su apoyo. Cualquier donación que puedan proveer para desarrollar las acciones internacionales que sobre la materia se planteen será de mucha utilidad en este esfuerzo. Gracias!"

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