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 The ONG sent a letter to the IACHR and the UN High Commissioner with the request to monitor the electoral process on December 6

The NGO Justicia Internacional presented a letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner denouncing irregularities during the campaign for the election of deputies to the National Assembly.

The letter emphasizes the recent wave of violence against government opponents, explained Carlos Suárez, director of the NGO. In recent days this NGO had sent a letter to Unasur demanding this regional body to develop an Electoral Mission based on principles that guarantee the human rights of Venezuelans in the electoral exercise.

The text alerts the institutions belonging to the global human rights monitoring system about the need to "actively monitor both the electoral process in Venezuela and the actions of the Unasur Mission, given the fragility in which several rights are found. fundamentals of Venezuelans of great relevance for the development of authentic, just and democratic elections during the upcoming parliamentary elections, "said Suarez.

The director of the NGO explained that the letter includes an annex with an updated list of the events of "electoral violence" that occurred in recent days in Venezuela. Two documents are added with critical analysis of the Unasur Mission in Venezuela based on the Declaration of Principles of Electoral Observation of the United Nations.

It also includes in its entirety the Letter from the Secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro, to the President of the CNE, Dr. Tibisay Lucena, a letter that has become an indisputable reference to the issue of electoral justice for these elections in Venezuela.

The letter concludes inviting the institutions to pronounce themselves and take the measures they consider necessary for the defense of human rights in Venezuela during the upcoming electoral process.



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