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September, 4th, 2019. 


On the occasion of the Senate discussion on the “H.R. 549: Venezuela TPS Act of 2019” Bill, provided the recent approval of such Bill at the House of Representative and, more importantly,  its subsequent referral to the Committee on the Judiciary, we, Justice International delivered a rogatory letter to the leadership of the US senate petitioning to both leaders  to commit to a bipartisan effort in favor of the approval of the H.R. 549 Bill at the US Congress.

Justice International --an NGO working on human rights for international communities-- in support of this initiative supported a rogatory letter with a series of documents that provide evidence of the fulfilment by Venezuelan currently living in the United States of the requisites demanded by the Immigration Act of 1990 to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

The Immigration Act of 1990 requires one or more of the following reasons for a country to be designated for TPS:  First, An ongoing armed conflict such as a civil war, that poses a serious threat to the personal safety of returning nationals; second, an environmental disaster, such as an earthquake, hurricane, or epidemic; and third, extraordinary and temporary conditions in the foreign State that prevent its nationals from returning to their country of origin  in safety.

Carlos Suarez, director of the NGO stated: “ The  evidence presented  in the attached documentation  prepared by our immigration and human rights division, led by Giselle Samuely,  supports the compliance of the  requirements demanded by law to grant a TPS for Venezuelans living in the United States, for such a reason we exhort the leadership of the US senate to finalize a bipartisan effort in the US Congress’ Senate for the immediate approval of the H.R. 549: Venezuela TPS Act of 2019.

Venezuela is currently going through a humanitarian crisis of no precedence in the Americas. The UN reports an exodus approaching 5 million people in recent years.  Violence in the country has sky-rocket and Venezuela is considered to be among the top most violent countries of the World with violent death exceeding those of countries that currently live under an armed conflict. Maduro's regime is currently investigated in the ICC for several cases that amount to crimes against humanity. Under such circumstances, many Venezuelans abroad  fear that their life will be in danger if they were to return to their own country, the report submitted to the Leadership of the US Senate, concludes.

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Carlos Suárez (Director)


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