Local action for global Justice

Justicia Internacional is a corporation registered under the regulations of non-profit organizations,The goal of International Justice is to contribute to the development and strengthening of the international justice system. We promote local action for global justice. We work to achieve this goal through various means, from providing services to international communities to denunciations of human rights cases to international courts.

Founded on passion and experience

Justice International’s experience focuses on promoting democracy, human rights, and the development of an international system of justice. We have lead several cases in international courts and our Democracy and Election Monitoring Division has participated in more than 12 international elections.

Our concept of justice goes beyond the political and human rights aspects of international justice. These aspects are fundamental, but social and economic justice is just as crucial. In this sense, Justice International has created programs addressing immigrant services: Programa Futuro is an educational program for international communities and the Panita Program focuses on communication and language acquisition.

Our team

Technology to promote social innovations

A constant in our activities has been the use of technology to promote social innovations. Our Democracy and Election Monitoring Division pioneered a successful and innovative participatory management model for volunteers called Parliamentary e-Democracy. This was a direct democracy approach for the management of a civil society organization and volunteers. It consisted of an online system designed to allow all volunteers to "sit" as a one vote parliamentary in an online system emulating the decision making cycle of a parliament. This system allowed for a very successful, inclusive and highly participatory management of 3,000 volunteers for election monitoring in one region in Venezuela. The system was recognized with the "best regional performance" award for the 2006 Venezuelan presidential election. 

Our Projects and Achievements 

Help us develop these important projects for democracy and human rights worldwide


Student Impacted

Since its insertion PROGRAMA FUTURO has reached 600, mainly Latino, families, for a total population of 1400 adults and 1800 children (3200 individuals), through the promotion of local education achievement projects. 



Justice International works localy to promove a global justice for all. Almost one hundred intervention in the international system of justice.



Justice International was able to summon and manage almost 2000 volunteers doing several election monitoring operations around the world.



We continue to develop projects for promotion of human rights democracy and justice around the world.

Our team

The preparation and capacity of our members and collaborators is one of the reasons that explains our success as social innovators and entrepreneurs. Justice international team is multidisciplinary. Most of our team members have graduate degrees from recognized institutions and cover professions that goes from law and economics to public health and engineer. Most of our members and collaborators speak fluently two languages, covering at least 6 languages. Live experiences of our team spread from Asia, the Americas and Europe giving a multicultural perspective to our team.