Repression during protests on the verge of 2013 elections in Venezuela Featured

Caracas, May 12, 2013. 

Justice International on the verge of the violation of human rights during the protests before the elections declared that "Countless human rights abuses have occurred in Venezuela in the days following the April 14 presidential election, where a closed result and an effort to achieve an audit formal and adjusted to the electoral regulations of that country took thousands of people to the street.There are abundant records of abuses committed by uniformed authorities who sought to repress the protesters with excessive force and even with violent and bloodshed clearly deplorable and in frank and despotic action that at no time obey the international principles that on the matter govern the otherwise democratic principle of the right to free protest.

These facts constitute a clear disrespect for human rights and Justice International presents this project proposal that seeks to unite wills and gather resources to assist NGOs and women and men human rights activists in Venezuela duly accredited as representatives of victims of such rights. abuses to facilitate the activities carried out internationally in this area.

We would greatly appreciate your comments, collaborations for this preliminary project that will define specific cases of complaints that will require your support. Any donation that can be provided to develop international actions on the subject will be very useful in this effort. Thank you!"